Aliyah is just 1-year-old, and she’s already attached to her siblings. She stood outside their home, waiting for her siblings to arrive from school every day. Her mother, Jennifer Borget, recorded a video of Aliyah waiting for her elder siblings, and she posted it on Instagram and Facebook, where it became viral.

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I thought I’d set the record straight for some of the FAQs out there about my girls greeting each other after school. 1. They have a brother too! He was slower that day and didn’t want to run through the other yards. Lee Lee runs to him also but their embrace goes a little differently 😅. I’m not sure who dissed who. 🤷🏾‍♀️ You decide. 2. We haven’t trained Lee Lee to stay on the grass, she doesn’t like walking on it barefoot. But with shoes she’s 👌🏾 a-ok. 3. My daughter doesn’t have an Apple Watch. It’s a kids Gizmo watch (she can only call us and family and we can track her) and pretty 😎 cool. My son says “Mom!” And I stopped the video but he continued with a question about snakes. It was “Mom! Which one is longer, a rattle snake or a rat snake?” Very important after school conversation. Thank you all so much for all of the love ❤️. We are so happy to spread positivity and smiles. And so thankful you’re here. #Cherish365 means cherish every day. And that’s what we’re trying to do 💕.

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The video shows Aliyah’s 9-year-old sister Jayda got off the bus, and Aliyah is calling her, and she can’t wait to hug her big sister. Good Morning America interviewed Jennifer, where she said, “I think any mom loves seeing the love that their kids have for each other. She misses them all day at school, and when they come home, she likes to hug them. It’s fun to see that so many other people like it too.”

The video gained 1.6 million Facebook views and counting because it is real love. It’s a great feeling to be cuddled, especially by people you love, and we love to embrace the people important to us too. The footage shows there’s still a lot of love in this world, and there are happy families out there. It’s also a motivating factor for people to make their families happier.

Jennifer expressed that Aliyah will always wait for her older brother Tyree who is 6 years old, and for her sister Jayda. Aliyah’s siblings will always be excited to come home from school so they can hug Aliyah. And Jennifer will always be excited to watch her youngest daughter waiting to embrace her older children.