11-Year-Old Boy's Recovery After A Semi-Truck Hit His Bike Is A Miracle

11-Year-Old Boy's Recovery After A Semi-Truck Hit His Bike Is A Miracle

Miracles happen every day, and there are scientific pieces of evidence to prove them. People still believe in miracles, and it’s a good thing because they believe in the power of God. Just like when a semi-truck ran over Emilio “Mio” Corrales, and the 11-year old boy is still alive. The doctors and the boy’s family believe it’s the will of God to keep Mio alive.

Mio was bicycling on a bridge to cross Arkansas River to visit his grandmother when a truck struck him. Truck driver, 55-year-old Robert Baldrige stopped and helped Mio right away. Mio was brought to Wesley Medical Center, and he got cuts, bruises, fractured skull, and torn ligaments.

Fortunately, just after a week of the accident, Mio was cleared by the hospital, and he’ll go home, and a full recovery is expected. Mio told KWCH, “I’m thankful to God because I didn’t die. I thought I was going to die when I got hit by a semi-truck”.

Mio loves wrestling, and he’s thankful for all the prayers he received because he can continue doing what he loves. He said, “They prayed and believed in me, and I’m just thankful for that. I’m ready to go home. I’m happy I get to go home.”

It’s been a week since Emilio had his accident he has come a long way thank you friends family and all the people who don’t know us and still sent love prayers kind words ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Posted by Oscar Corrales on Friday, August 30, 2019

Oscar Coralles, Mio’s father, started a campaign in GoFundMe, the Little man Emio aka Mio funding will help Mio’s family with their medical expenses. They aim to raise $20,000.

Oscar is a single father, and he’s the one responsible for the finances of the family. Oscar is depressed when he heard the news about the accident of his son.

Mio’s father wrote a lengthy post on Facebook, “I want to thank God for everything he has done in my life but especially for what he has done in this past week for giving my son the heart of a lion. God is good.”


Lee Strobel believes in modern-day miracles. His latest book, The Miracles Answer Book, is about investigating those miracles. Lee said, “There are a lot of people who claim miraculous things can happen, but do we have scientific evidence or strong empirical data to back them up? I believe we do, in many cases. Yes, there are cases where things were exaggerated and other cases of fraud, but that doesn’t explain away all the miracle claims. I document miracles that have taken place where we have strong evidence for them”.

Lee added, “Miracles point people to God. They let us know that God is still active in our world and intervening supernaturally in people’s lives and making a difference”.