Elizabeth Francis from Texas has celebrated her 110th birthday in late July. she credits the Lord for giving her a healthy and long life.

Elizabeth was originally from Louisiana and was born in 1909. She said on her birthday, “Blessing of the Lord. He’s the one keeping me. That’s why I’m living”.

She got emotional because many family members and friends visited her to celebrate her life and longevity. Her family is thankful because she has a lot of stories to share. They’re glad because of her wisdom, and her smiles are rays of hope for the family.

Elizabeth still has a sharp memory compared to other elderly. She can answer questions elaboratively, and her words are easy to understand. Elizabeth can hold up a conversation well. She’s healthy for a person who has seen six generational changes in her family.

It’s incredible because Elizabeth has seen her grandsons became grandparents. She’s a strong woman because she has been through a lot. Her character is the foundation of her family. All the members of her clan are glad she’s still around.

It’s not just Elizabeth’s family who has celebrated her recent birthday. Even the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, has visited her. Elizabeth is inspirational not only for Houston but for the entire United States as well.

According to the Gerontology Research Group, the oldest American recorded is 119 years old. The family of Elizabeth, her close friends, and the people she inspired hope she still lives a long life. They want her to live longer, not for the record but because of her wisdom, warmth, and inspiration.

Another centenarian from Texas Hattie Mae Allen had celebrated her 105th birthday about a month before Elizabeth. Like Elizabeth, Hattie Mae said her longevity is because of her faith in Christ. Hattie Mae still teaches Sunday School at the church.

Elizabeth Francis and Hattie Mae Allen are living testimonies that faith really matters to our health and quality of life.