The 8-year Syrian conflict that started from 2011 has either damaged or destroyed 124 Christian worship places according to the report released by the Syria Network for Human Rights in the past week.

75 of the attacks were from the forces that back President Bashar al-Assad’s government, 33 attacks were from the opposition forces and 12 from ISIS and other Islamic extremists groups.

While most of the attacks did not particularly target Christian worship places, some of them including the destruction of the ancient Saint Elian Monastery in Homs were done by Islamic extremists groups such as ISIS by using bulldozers.

“Targeting Christian places of worship is a form of intimidation against and displacement of the Christian minority in Syria,” said Fadel Abdul Ghany, the founder and chairman of SNHR.

Out of 23 million pre-war population of Syria, 10% were Christians and most of them had left the country and immigrated into Europe.