Expecting mothers (and fathers) have their way of preparing themselves and their babies in such a way that everything will be fine after 9 long months of gestation period. However, there were occasions that preparations are not enough, experts say the gravity of the matter and odds are not in your favor. Facing such a dilemma, Ellonn and Jordan, the proud mom and dad of baby Jaden; strongly cling in to hope until they assert that ‘miracles do exist’.


Ellonn Smartt was originally due in November with her baby boy. However, her water broke on her 23rd week of gestation in July. Things happened so swiftly and she delivered her baby boy, Jaden Wesley Morrow – weighing just 13 ounces.


The miracle boy Jaden surprisingly can breathe unassisted and can move his toes and arms. His father, Jordan, displayed unwavering support and presence for his partner and son by staying with them all the time.


The reason why Ellonn and Jordan are able to go through all this ordeal very much lies in their faith. “I know that God chose us specifically for Jaden,” Ellonn wrote in a Facebook post to her partner. “You are so strong and I am so, so proud of you. You are our protector and have never left my side. This will be a long road for us, but that’s okay. We are going to rock it out for our boys!”

Doctors may have said the depressing reality that can tear the spirit of Ellonn and Jordan. Nonetheless, they stayed together and hoped for the best, until baby Jaden came out fighting and became a living witness of a miracle in their lives.