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2-Year-Old Girl Dies after Being trapped in Hot Car for 7 Hours: ‘It Was Gut-Wrenching’

A 2-year-old girl is dead after being left in a hot car in her family’s own driveway. A volunteer firefighter who lives across the street tried desperately to save the child’s life by performing CPR. Despite her heroic efforts, the little girl could not be revived. Published reports identified the grieving mom as 38-year-old Beatriz LeChard. Police say her baby daughter was inside this gray Honda Civic for about seven hours.

5-Year-Old Boy Visits Twin Brother’s Grave to Tell Him All about First Day of Kindergarten

“He just wanted to sit there and, I think, feel that connection,” Brooke Myrick, Walker’s mom, said. “He told us that he just wanted to tell his brother about school.”

A photo surfaced on social media showing a boy leaning on a gravestone. The young boy was Walker Myrick. He was telling his twin brother, who died at an early age, about his first day of school.

Source: Walker Myrick Facebook Profile

It is an expression of unadulterated, unplanned love that his mother, Brooke Myrick, recorded on her iPhone because she knew her now-9-year-old son would find it “really special.”

Walker sat next to the grave so he could spend some alone time with his twin. He was only there for a short while, and when he left, “he was all smiles,” according to mom.

Brooke was informed that she had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome  (TTTS) in the 24th week of her pregnancy. TTTS, a rare placental disease, only affects pregnancies with identical twins and essentially prevents the flow of nutrients equally to each fetus. As a result, one or both of the babies may frequently starve to death of the nutrients they require to grow.

It is not genetic or hereditary, nor is it a result of the parent’s actions or inactions. Anyone can experience TTTS, and sadly for Brooke, it also struck her and her husband, Michael.

“I was 24 weeks [pregnant] when we found out, but they said that it had been at least a week, so we really don’t know when Willis passed away,” Brooke said. “That was the thing with being pregnant with twins — I was still feeling movement, so I didn’t know that I had lost a baby.

Brooke was exhausted immediately after giving birth from having to support Walker for the rest of her pregnancy despite being physically exhausted. At 32 weeks, Walker was born. That evening, Walker was wheeled to Brooke’s bedside, but she didn’t muster the strength to go see Willis’ body at the Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children until two days later. However, she experienced what she refers to as “a breakdown” at this point because of the gravity of the situation.

Brooke freely acknowledges that it took her “really several years” to come to terms with Willis’s passing. Thankfully, better days were ahead, thanks to a lot of prayers and optimistic thinking.

Following a counselor’s advice, Brooke made the decision to be upfront with Walker about what had become of his twin from the beginning and frequently accompanied him to the cemetery so he could place a Hot Wheels car or other mementos next to Willis’ grave. In order for Walker to bring the items back and always see his brother’s toys around the house, the parents also designated a shelf in their house as a special place for Willis.

“Usually it is when something good happens. He likes to feel like he can share it with his brother, just like if his brother were here,” Brooke said. 

Tragic things may happen in our lives, but those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength. If you know anyone who is suffering from depression or going through a difficult phase, encourage them with a prayer and tell them about the love of God.

Heroic Father of 5 Who Stopped to Help An Injured Driver Was Swept away by Kentucky Floodwaters

“He was the one that was out helping people instead of worrying about himself.” 

A father of five named Gabriel Hensley was discovered dead after stopping to aid an injured driver before being swept away by floodwaters. 

Source: CNN

Hensley, 30, is one of at least 37 people who perished in the flooding last week. Some communities are almost impossible to reach due to severely damaged infrastructure, and locating everyone will probably take several weeks, according to Governor Andy Beshear.

Hensley, a father of five, started his journey home early on Thursday morning after finishing his shift at coal mines in Perry County. His wife, however, claimed that the escalating waters soon rendered his usual return route impassable.

Instead, he chose a different path, which brought him to the site of a collision. Hensley told his wife over the phone that a four-wheeler driver was hurt when floodwaters threw him off his vehicle.

Hensley drove to his brother-in-house, law’s, which was close by, without thinking twice about requesting assistance for the injured driver. However, despite a thorough search when the two went back, they were unable to locate him, according to Chase Williams, Hensley’s brother-in-law.

Williams said they decided to assist in Hensley’s safe return home. Then, Hensley would walk to the other side of some hills, where a friend was waiting to pick him up and take him home to his family and drive them as far down the road — and as close to home — as possible. Hensley’s truck would be taken back to his house by the brother-in-law for storage.

“We got down the road a little bit but in a matter of minutes the water rose up enough where it picked up the truck and took us both into the creek,” Williams said.

Williams escaped through the passenger door, using a tree to lift himself and make it up to the creek’s bank, where he was able to use his phone’s flashlight to begin signaling for help.

When neighbors noticed the flash, they reacted, and the group started looking for Hensley. His body was found on Sunday. One of the kids he leaves behind is a son who is ten weeks old.

“He was a family man,” his wife said. “No matter the storm. No matter how bad it got. He just wanted to get home to his home and family.”

Many flood survivors are now in communities that have been completely destroyed. Numerous people have experienced home loss. Some people are still stranded due to washed-out roads, lack of access to electricity or clean water, inability to contact loved ones due to dropped cell service, and inability to obtain essential supplies, including medication.

And as those communities work to recover, this week’s scorching heat poses a new weather threat. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for eastern Kentucky from noon on Wednesday until Thursday night, which included the flood-stricken regions.

There is no greater sacrifice than to lay your life for the lives of others. The life of Gabriel was not spent for nothing. His rewards are true and will be completed in Heaven. 

Continue to pray for comfort for his family and Kentucky during this time of distress.

‘My Little Gems’: Mom Gives Birth to Rare Set of Identical Twins with Down Syndrome

“It’s very rare what they have, but they’ve been my little gems,” said Savannah Combs, their mother. National media coverage is being given to a local set of twins. The twins, who have gone viral on social media, have Down syndrome.

“They’re called mono di twins, meaning that they had their own sacs, but they shared the same placenta, meaning that they were going to be identical,” said Combs. “Mo di twins as it is, it’s very rare. And then you throw Down syndrome on top of it, it’s like one in 2 million.”

Credit: Medical experts say the chances of both twins being born with Down syndrome are exceedingly rare / Courtesy Savannah Combs

Mckenli and Kennadi Rue spent four weeks in the NICU after being born six weeks early. Combs asserted that despite the rarity of their condition, they are no different from other children.

“They have feelings. They have a beating heart. They know how to talk. They know how to do things you do. They will get there. Like I said, it may be a step behind but they’re going to do it. I’ve learned these kids are feisty little things and happy little things,” said Combs.

Combs wants to emphasize that people shouldn’t treat children with Down syndrome differently, especially during Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Because of their mother’s claim that they have Down syndrome, I won’t treat them any differently.

@savannahcombs7 Reply to @djhammy2 ♬ original sound – Down With The Ackerman Twins

The twins currently attend the weekly speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions. They are still achieving all of their significant milestones, demonstrating that every child can thrive regardless of their diagnosis.

Out of 1,000 births, three to four are identical twins on average. 

It seems necessary to some people to criticize Savannah and her family. The young mother was forced to respond to some extremely insensitive users on social media as a result. One person wrote to the mother stating that they would immediately place the twins up for adoption if they were to have them.

But Savannah, who had a tender and genuine love for her children, wrote back a proper response saying, “Good thing they weren’t born to you and were born to me. God knew what he was doing by giving these babies to the right parents who would love them regardless.”

She added, “I’m going to let them know that they’re just like us and they’re going to get there as long as they put their minds to it.”

Psalm 127:4-5 (NIV) says: 

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior

    are children born in one’s youth.

Blessed is the man

    whose quiver is full of them.

They will not be put to shame

    when they contend with their opponents in court.

Children, no matter what they may have, are gifts and are human beings deserving to live life to the fullest. Parents like Savannah are equipped with genuine care and are given these little blessings because God knows who will give them proper care. In due time, Savannah and her children will reap the reward that God has set for those who trust in Him.

Story of Redemption behind Auntie Anne’s Pretzels Reveals How Anne Was Finally Freed from a Predator Pastor

Anne Beiler shared her heartbreaking account of abuse, grief, and 23 years of depression, as well as the way God provided spiritual healing.

Although you might not be familiar with Beiler, you have probably heard of her popular Auntie Anne’s® pretzels. More than 1,700 locations in 48 states and more than 25 countries carry her products.

Source: CBN

The Amish community where Anne was born and raised—is located in Lancaster County. Her Amish parents, who valued hard work, quiet strength, and faith, gave birth to both her and her husband, Jonas.

Their family had a tradition of not talking about feelings in public. Hiding your feelings and putting your faith in God was more respectable. This did not augur well for Anne and Jonas’ ability to handle the impending tragedy.

Tragic events occurred in 1975 when Anne was only 26. The second daughter of the Beilers, Angela (Angie), perished in a farming mishap. She was only a young child when she ran behind the tractor being driven by Anne’s sister, and nobody noticed her.

The loss of Angela shattered the Beiler family, sending each parent into a private, inexplicable state of grief. Anne sought advice from her pastor because she was still grieving the loss of her friend six months after the accident. Unfortunately, he sexually assaulted her and ordered her to keep his actions a secret.

A seed for Anne’s freedom was planted when she read James 5:16, which discusses the power of confession. She made the decision to share her experiences with her family after those six dreadful years. Through this process, she also learned that the pastor had been abusing her daughter since she was only four years old, as well as her sisters, best friend, and her.

Jonas and Anne, who were devastated and furious, complained to the church’s leadership, and the pastor looked into it. The pastor was expelled after Anne’s story was proven to be true.

Finally, doors were opened for Anne and Jonas to experience healing, but she was unable to express her emotions. She was furious with herself, her husband, the pastor, and God. She channeled her ire into the pretzel company as a way to cope.

It was difficult for Anne to accept the fact that she was helping others but couldn’t help herself, despite the fact that Jonas was a counselor and the Beilers were aiding others.

It was a long “journey of sorrow” to find that God is faithful and that “…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”

Anne is now free, healed, and has a deeper understanding of God. She is now in awe of what God has accomplished in her life and how His vision has come full circle, looking back.

According to Anne, the spiritual journey God has her on never gets boring. It is new, amazing, thrilling, and incredibly fulfilling. She had no idea some of the places he had taken her. Plans and dreams are good but don’t be shocked if God takes you in a different direction.

God used many different means to save Anne’s life. He returned everything that had been taken from Anne by drawing on her experience with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. She wants to maximize her story for God’s glory while also helping others.

6-Year-Old Run over by Bulldozer, Mother Chronicles Miraculous Recovery: ‘God Is Good All the Time’

Bodie Boring was struck by a bulldozer on July 27 while he was on a construction site with his father. Bodie was admitted to the hospital with numerous wounds, including two bruised lungs, a fractured skull, a blood clot in his brain, and a brain bleed.

To add insult to injury, the boy was also diagnosed with Covid-19.

“All I could do was beg God not to take my baby,” Sam Boring, Bodie’s mother, posted on Facebook.

A day after the accident, Sam wrote in a post, “Bodie told me ‘Mommy, I knew when I saw that blade about to hit me that I was gonna die.’” It made her feel terrible and encouraged her family that the six-year-old boy would be okay. Samantha added in the same post that her son’s survival serves as evidence of God’s existence for those who do not believe in Him.

“Folks, I’m gonna tell you one thing… If you don’t believe in God, Bodie is proof right here. I know for a fact God had a hand in saving my baby. There is no other explanation as to why I’m not leaving this hospital without my baby other then God!! I’m still in shock. God is good all the time,” she said.

Source: Sam Boring’s Facebook Profile

People from all over the nation sent gifts, wrote supportive notes, and assured the family that they were praying for Bodie. Just four days after his accident, Samantha posted a video of Bodie using a walker to navigate a hospital hallway. She put a caption on the video saying, “You may be tough but you aren’t walking 5 days after getting run over by an 18,000 lb Bull Dozer tough. God is Good all the Time  #Bodietough #BodieStrong.”

“His spirit has been so positive this whole time. Even in his worse pain, he’s just been amazing. This is a miracle, and there’s only one explanation as to why he’s still here and I truly believe that that’s God,” wrote the grateful mother.

The following day, Sam posted another video. This time, Bodie was walking without any assistance. They also announced that they were cleared to go home the next day.

“Although it is scary with him still having the blood clot they said they will still monitor him closely with frequent follow ups & imaging so that gives me a little comfort,” she said. 

People have been supportive of Bodie’s recovery. They have constantly been sending prayers and even financial assistance to the family. Magen Boring, Bodie’s cousin, created a GoFundMe account to assist with Bodie’s medical costs. As of August 8, the campaign had raised $51,390 of its $60,000 target. “Above all, please continue lifting them up in prayer!!” Magen wrote

“He’s just also been really amazed to see everybody who cares about him and how many people are praying for him,” Magen said. “There are people in other states that this story has reached, and they’ve even said ‘we’ve heard about this and we’re praying’ and so that’s just been phenomenal.”

3-Year-Old Girl, Who Once Spent Nearly 700 Days in Hospital for Heart Defect, Dies

Credit: gofundme.com

“This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to make. My life will never be the same. Valentina took her last breath this morning in my mom’s arms.”

This was the heartbreaking post of Francesca, three-year-old Valentina Garnetti’s mother. The toddler spent nearly 700 days in the hospital due to a heart defect. The sheer amount of time she spent in the hospital has made headlines for her.

In April 2021, Valentina became the center of attention when she received her first-ever release from CS Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan. She was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome at birth, and from May 2019 until March 2021, she spent every day in the hospital. 

Valentina underwent numerous surgeries over the course of almost 700 days, including four open heart surgeries, and she spent 14 days on life support.

Source: Valentina’s Journey Facebook

“The world is a sadder place today. I’ve never felt a pain like this. I don’t know who I am as a person without Valentina. She was my whole life. She made me a better person and she’s shown the world what a true miracle is,” the heartbroken mother said in the Facebook post.

“It brings me comfort knowing that Valentina is now whole and healthy in heaven with a heart that is no longer broken and she can run and walk and talk and eat and do all of the things that she loved watching others do,” Francesca added.

Valentina the fighter

Francesca issued a fervent prayer request on July 16. Valentina was not breathing anymore and had no pulse. Francesca started performing CPR as soon as she realized her daughter wasn’t breathing and kept doing so until EMS arrived. After being taken to the hospital, Valentina underwent an additional 90 minutes of life-saving procedures but was unable to be revived.

The fact that her child was now “healthy in heaven with a heart that is no longer broken and she can run and walk and talk and eat and do all of the things that she loved watching others do,” as Francesca put it, gave her some solace.

Her older sister comforted their mother, saying, “Don’t cry. Even though Valentina’s in heaven now, you’ll always be her mom.” 

In 2021, Valentina first made headlines for her prolonged hospitalization of 694 days. She was born on May 1, 2019, with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital heart defect. In March 2021, she was able to return home for the first time ever.

Valentina underwent six surgeries during her stay in the hospital, including four open-heart procedures.

“She has just had complication after complication after complication. So everything that ould go wrong, went wrong in Valentina’s case. She’s a fighter. So everything that she went through has brought us to this point,” Francesca said.

The National Institutes of Health state that medical advancements are continuing to increase the survival rate for hypoplastic left heart syndrome. As stated by the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the condition interferes with the heart’s normal blood flow. According to the CDC, every year in the United States, 1,025 infants are born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Continue to pray for the grieving family that they may receive comfort from the Lord and that He provides all the financial needs to cover all their expenses.

4 Young Siblings Die after Being Swept away from Parents’ Grip in The Kentucky Floods

Upper right, Maddison Noble (8), lower right, Nevaeh Noble (4), upper left, Riley Jr. (6), and lower right, Chance Noble (1 ½). (Photo from GoFundMe page)

In a tragic tale from Kentucky, four young children were swept from their parents’ grasp. After being washed away in the floods, which have so far claimed the lives of at least 28 people, Amber Smith and Riley Noble’s children, ages 1 to 8, were later found dead.

At 2 a.m., the couple received a flash flood warning. The family quickly climbed to the top of their trailer on Thursday to wait out the flood. The parents held on to their kids tightly as they watched their house get swept away, and they were able to float to a nearby tree where they yelled for help.

The children were eventually pulled away by the current despite Smith and Noble’s best efforts to keep hold of them. They were thrown into the water as the roof’s underside washed away while they were standing on it.

They managed to get to a tree and … held the children a few hours before a big tide came and washed them all away at the same time,” said Brittany Trejo, a close family member. The parents were stranded on the tree for eight hours, grieving the loss of their four children all at the same time.

Trejo put up a GoFundMe campaign to help with the funeral services and in support of the family. Towards the end of the campaign, they raised $73,108 total for the family. As the tragedy was declared by FEMA to be a natural disaster, the funeral services will be paid for. The money they raised will now be used to rebuild the small family’s home. 

The bodies of Riley Jr. (6), and Nevaeh Noble (4), were recovered the same day, while the bodies of Maddison Noble (8), and Chance Noble (1 ½), were found the next morning in the Knott County community of Montgomery.

Family members remembered the young family as being very close-knit. Riley and Chance were frequently playing together, and even after they passed away, their bodies were discovered the closest to one another, according to the kids’ uncle Steven Smith.

Governor Andy Beshear said that there are people still missing as a result of the floods. “We do know of additional bodies that have been recovered but we cannot confirm those deaths at this time,” said Beshear.

Along with significant property and infrastructure damage, thousands of people have been forced to relocate. Beshear confirmed that efforts were being made by government officials to create additional shelter options. He also gave the populace a heads-up to expect more rain in the days ahead.

We’ve got rain and maybe even a lot of rain that’s going to hit the same areas. Please pray for the people in these areas. And if you are in the areas that are going to get hit by rain, make sure you stay safe. Make sure you have a place that is on higher ground. Go to a shelter. Just please, please be safe,” the governor added.

In tragic times, it can be hard to trust God. But nevertheless, He is still in control, and we can always rely on His plans and ways. Let us continually pray for comfort for the grieving family.

101-Years-Old Twins Are Still Inseparable and Despite Living Miles Away, They Meet Every Week

Edith Dumbleton and Dorcas Tobin turn 101 and finally celebrate that and their 100th birthday which they could not do last year due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic restrictions.

Girl, 4, Who Discovered 220,000,000-Year-Old Fossil Gets Museum Display Named after Her

A four-year-old girl has discovered a dinosaur footprint, preserved in rock on a beach near Barry, south Wales.

The 220-million-year-old print was found by Lilly Walker and her family when they were out on a walk in their local area.

The print has been described by the National Museum of Wales’ Palaeontology curator as “the best specimen ever found on this beach”.

Jesus Saved Me From Almost Dying!!! (Why I Turned From The New Age To Christ)

My testimony of why I converted from New Age To Jesus Christ. 🙏✝️🌈💖

Man Rescues 5 Children and 2 of His Former High School Teachers from Their Flooded Homes in Kentucky

Nathan Day was up early helping his son get ready for work when he received a message from a neighbor asking him to save her grandchildren from the rising floodwaters.

Day, a former coal miner who lives in Hindman, Knott County, said he was unaware of what was happening in the region until he received the message saying the children needed help getting out of their house. Day talks to Anderson Cooper about how he managed to rescue 5 children and 2 of his former school teachers from floodwaters without a boat or proper equipment.

Caring Nurse Adopts Terminally ill Patient’s Dog so He Doesn’t Have to Go to Shelter

A dog found a new home with a Georgia nurse who went above and beyond for one of her elderly patients.

11-Year-Old Saved His Sick Grandma’s Life by Driving Her to The Hospital All by Himself

11-year-old PJ didn’t hesitate when he saw his Grandma struggling. He leaped into action, and behind the wheel to save her!

Good Samaritan Saves Baby after Armed Father Attempts to Throw off An I-95 Overpass

A good Samaritan helped to save a baby from tragedy along I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia.

Christine King said she was driving near the Cottman Avenue exit when she spotted a man threatening to throw a child off the overpass.

“I couldn’t just pass after I saw the baby. And after I seen him trying to throw the baby over, I couldn’t let it go,” King said.

Homeless Man Chooses His Dog over Housing and Much-needed Surgery: “I’m Not Giving Him up”

Greensboro man experiencing homelessness chooses dog over housing, much-needed surgery.

Police Officer Gives 84-Year-Old Woman A Ride to Hair Appointment after Seeing Her Walk on Highway alone

A Tennessee police officer took an 84-year-old woman to her hair appointment. While on a routine patrol, officer Lance Hoffmeister saw an elderly woman walking down the side of a busy highway. The woman, Elizabeth Hood, told the officer that just had to walk an extra mile to her hair appointment, because the bus only got her so far. Hoffmeister offered to drive her all the way to the salon, but his good deed didn’t end there. The officer says he’ll pick her up in the future, too.

Brother Makes Breathtaking Prom Dress for Sister Because Family Can’t Afford to Buy One

The brother wanted to help out his sister because The family could not afford a prom dress so the brother decided to design one and make one for his sister.

Preschoolers Who Battled Cancer Together in Hospital Reunite as Both Enter Remission

Three-year-olds, Mack Porter & Payson Altice became best friends while fighting cancer. They finally reunited for their their first playdate outside of the hospital.

Father and Toddler Fatally Shot by Man Who Ran Over Them

A family on vacation was strolling along a street near Glacier National Park when Derick Madden plowed into them. Madden exited his vehicle, pulled out a shotgun, and opened fire, killing 39-year-old David Siau and his 18-month-old daughter, McKenzie. Madden used to date Christina Siau, who was with the family at the time of the attack. When he ran out of ammo, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing Christina. She was able to kill Madden, apparently with his own knife.