At First Second, I Thought The Man Was Going To Smack That Kid’s Face…

Values – Pass it on

Pass it on.

Posted by 7 Wiki on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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  1. I feel like the birthday party could easily be footage from a genital herpes comercial. “I take twice daily Herpexia and I feel amazing! Consult your doctor. It changed my life.”

  2. A cop can offer a kid a donut but the last time I offered a cop a donut he got mad. And I was legit just trying to be nice and I happen to have donuts that I didn’t want.

  3. Great message!! Love all, love beyond life!! Keep this stuff going!! Let’s stop the Grinch from having a small heart. Remember love made the smallest heart grow to be beautiful and kind.

  4. Great clips! Be the change you want to see. It starts with you. I feel so many people feel as if it’s pointless so they dont engage. Its almost like when people don’t react when someone is in danger until someone else does. So be that first person for someone else. Stop looking at everyone else and look at yourself. What are you doing to change the world. Show the love and it will spread.

  5. This is amazing and I don’t want to take anything away from the video as it’s depicted. However, sadly I don’t think the video would play out the same way if the races were reversed. Very sad and disheartening.

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