Heart Donor’s Mom Hears Her Son’s Heartbeat Again In Transplant Patient

Heart donor's mom hears her son's heartbeat again in transplant patient 💗Credit: Newsflare

Posted by NTD Television on Sunday, June 11, 2017

I love it! This made me cry…how great this was to know a part of her son lives on…hearing that heart beat would get me through the rest of my life~May be it is hard for you to imagine this kind of thing, cause most of us live a happy life. However the people who experience it will keep in mind forever. Another mom said that her son died in his early age 39, then they donate all his organs, she knew that her son is live in another style. And because of this, more people were saved, that is really awesome love in this world. May all of us cherish our precious daily life and always have a grateful heart!

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