10-Year-Old Boy Taken to Heaven, His Testimony Saved 14 Kids

Jeremy had a near-death experience of visiting heaven when he was 10 years old. He passed away at the age of 13. His father said, “my son has completed his mission, because 14 kids are saved because of his testimony, because of his life and how he lived his life.”

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  1. Have you ever had about this, that jesus is
    coming very soon, do nt you see the sign of is
    coming showing that the end time is almost
    drawn near, pls what ever we take you to be
    holy do it? Bcus any unclear things we not
    ever/never enter the kingdom of God, pls
    repent bcus they are is life after death, what
    ever you do or how you live your life here on
    earth, we determine your life after death,
    wether hellfire or heaven

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