When Was The Last Time You Danced Before the Lord Like David Danced?

In 2 Samuel 6, we read that King David went to Judah to return the Ark of God to the City of David. As they marched with the Ark, the procession celebrated before the Lord, with castanets, harps, lyres, timbrels, sistrums and cymbals. David had much to be thankful for, because the Lord had blessed him with many victories against his enemies, and now, in the presence of God as he entered into the gates of the city, he began to celebrate and dance before the Lord with all his might, and everyone cheered with shouts of joy and the blowing of trumpets.

Have you ever felt such joy? Hasn’t God given you victories in your life … over finances … over sickness … over relationships … over lack … We should all rejoice for our God is so good and He loves us, takes care of us, provides for us, heals us … but most importantly … He is with us. Become a fool for Christ, dance with joy, shout out praises to His name. It is good to dance liked David danced, when you are dancing before the Lord.

Thanks to Tom Rockys in the creation of this video.

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