Amen Love Pray

This Boy Killed Himself Because of This Text. When I Saw What It Read, I Was Shattered.

My heart breaks at 1:31

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  1. This is so tragic. I just gotta say why do parents let their kids suffer at the hands of bullies. There is NO WAY I’d let my kid stay in that kind of situation. Take them OUT OF SCHOOL! And get rid of the social media devices. Move if you have to. The school isn’t going to improve. My oldest was bullied and I tried to work within the “system” to get improvement. Meanwhile my child went downhill, until we finally took him out. We homeschooled him and our two younger kids never saw the inside of a school til they hit college. They were never bullied. There are so many schooling options out there – do some homework. Go to a homeschool convention – do it for the kids!

  2. Its surprising the parents did not see this coming . . . . what depth of interaction do they have with their son that the kid was able to inflict this on himself without them having even the slightest hint ??


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