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Dying Man Says He Saw God And He Gave Him A Warning For All

“If you had seen what I saw in the hospital, there would be no doubt in your mind forever, because hell is so terrible so awful. It goes as far as eternity, forever & ever. Once you’re in hell, you’re in hell.

“The Lord gave me a glimpse of heaven and I saw an angel. I saw my guardian angel. And also a glimpse of hell. And I’m telling you now, please listen, Hell is so bad, so awful , you have no idea how bad hell is.”

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  1. I had a dream of my own death. In the dream it was instilled in me ….”fear not for I am with thee in the valley of the shadow of death”. I am not afraid to die any more. The dream was in a hospital.going in for tests. I was in a wheel chair. Fell out of the wheel chair having a heart attack. After this dream……few weeks later I started having heart problems. GOD speaks in dreams too.


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