Queen’s Guardsmen March Into Castle Like Usual, Until They Met This Little Boy…

Queen’s Guardsmen March Into Castle, Until One Stops, And Doubles Back

As we all know that the Queen’s Guards are professional, without any facial expressions. Their duty is to protect the castle and the Queen of England herself. So they cannot be disturbed by anyone or anything. But this one time, it seems like one of them may have broken the rules…A little boy was there welcome them, and  dressed just like a guardsman and was so excited to be at Windsor Castle for his 4th birthday.  But they continue to walk inside, but then suddenly, one of the guards turns back around, and heads towards the little boy.He then stops in his tracks, and then motions for the little boy to come closer. Then, they get a picture together. That’s right, a Queen’s guard posed for a picture with a little boy! What a precious moment, the little boy was so happy.

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