Grandfather Meets Grandson For First Time, His Reaction Is So Adorable

This is the adorable moment a grandpa finds out his newest grandchild is actually a boy, after several generations of being the only male in the family.

Meeting his third grandchild for the first time in Breese, Illinois, USA, James Patrick is about to receive an unforgettable gift on the morning of his 49th birthday.

After having two sisters, four daughters and two granddaughters, James was resigned to being the only man in the family, after he had been told he was walking in to meet yet another girl, his third granddaughter.

However, all was not what it appeared, as his daughter, Carie Elbe, pulled back the baby’s blanket to reveal a t-shirt that read, ‘FYI: I’m a boy!’ Baffled at first, James soon shouted, “no way,” as the penny finally dropped, before calling all of his family ‘brats’ as he wiped away his tears.

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