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He Is Not Only A Talented Actor, But A Faithful Follower Of Jesus Christ

I can’t believe the media aired a positive story about Catholocism. Who knew that one of Hollywood’s biggest stars is such a faithful follower of Christ? Good for him! I can’t begin to imagine how tough it is for people with success to remain humble in their lives and thank the one person who is responsible for it all. God Bless him and his family

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  1. Myself, sick of hearing people are attacking Catholics as I am a Catholic. We do read the bible same as everyone. The words in the bible are practically the same only few have left out which is Maccabees. So please to everyone, stop mocking the Catholics as if you love God so much, then respect the Catholics because God will judge all of us. Keep that in mind.

    • It is not if you read the Bible. It ignoring what Bible tells you God has commanded. Catholics worship a pagan statue and call Mother Mary. Mary was blessed but she is not divine and worshipping her is sin and is in direct defiance of the Word of God you so proudly say you read. You also diefy the Pope, who is human and teaches that we are not to pray to God for forgiveness of sin but go to him. Again in rebellion against the Word of our Father in heaven, but you know this after all Catholics read the Bible too. So you know the only way to the Father is Christ Jesus, not a deluded man in Rome. The list goes on and on. But you get the gist. Reading the Bible in and of itself will not save you from judgement and condemnation, only the grace of the one and only Living God thru his Son, Jesus Christ.


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