Rick Jumps Into Enclosure When The Zoo Staff Refuse To Save Drowning Chimp

When a chimpanzee falls into water after being chased by another chimp, a zoo patron jumps into the ape enclosure to save him, ignoring the threat of other more aggressive apes.

Just as the chimps began to chase each other around the enclosure’s trees, one slipped and plunged into the moat surrounding the exhibit. It was obvious that the chimpanzee was struggling to stay afloat, yet zoo staff refused to come to the rescue. After noticing no one else was willing to jump into action, Rick took things into his own hands.

Rick said he didn’t do it for the attention. He just couldn’t stand to see an innocent animal pass right in front of his eyes! What a beautiful act, we thanks God give him this kind of good heart.

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  1. Jesus was walking behind him. Only someone that has the spirit of Christ would risk his life for another living thing. Most people today don’t do it for a human being, let alone an animal. Blessed be the name of our Lord. Thanks to this man for letting his light shine

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