This Street Musician Was About To Call It Quits… But Then These Kittens Showed Up And Did This

You know you are awesome when a group of kittens are paying attention to you singing!

Meanwhile somewhere on the streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, a passionate musician was giving a performance, but nobody seemed to care or take a moment to listen. The musician, who was rather upset, was just about to finish and call it quits, when suddenly he sees four kittens sitting in front of him, listening to his music!

This just goes to prove that some of us have left humanity far behind, but animals? no, they carry it with them! These kittens definitely made his day!  And the sweetest part of this story was that they were adopted by this beautiful guy!

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  1. This is so sweet and very glad he took the little baby’s home with him:) The kittens and him deserve to be together! How Wonderful life is! God Bless that man and his his new little family of kittens ! ❣️❣️

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