Mom Thinks Dad Is Studying—When She Walks in on Him With Their Daughter, She’s Shocked

This is from a beautiful Facebook post, so heartmelting~

Ruth explains how her husband, Joseph, was preparing for a huge exam—or so she thought.I thought he was studying…but instead, this is what I walked into. Earlier today, he promised our daughter that he would paint her nails. He went to the store and picked a color for her….Even though he’s been so busy, even though he has a big test tomorrow morning for the Academy, here he is, taking a little break from all the crazy, just so he can keep his promise to our daughter. Not only is he teaching her that keeping your promise is important, but so is making time for family. This is such a special daughter and father moment as he is painting his “little princess” nails for the very first time.Not only is he such an AMAZING father, but it is all the little things he does, that make me fall for him more and more each day, even after all these years together.

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  1. Here’s another one of those fraudulent headlines, making it see, as though the dad is some kind of deviate and he’s really just being a great dad painting his little girl’s finger nails. I’m beginning to hate almost all of the things going on FB. I’ve tried deleting and blocking but they seem to pop up anyway.

  2. Can someone please pray for my husband? He is addicted to pornography for years…. I do pray for him…. I Love him… I will never leave him! He needs those chains of addiction to be broken…. Thank you and God bless!

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