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Why I Am Divorced? Share My Story To Help Someone With It

I am so thankful that I can see this video, may God heal the soul and guide her in person!

“The point of this video is to share my story. I have my experience to offer and hopefully I can help someone with it. I NEVER planned to make this video. I was hoping that he would change and it would be a point of time that was simply passed by. But with 3.5 years under my belt with it, it’s becoming clear that it’s not changing. MAYBE this video will help him if he sees it. I could only hope. In the meantime becoming an advocate for other people in this situation may be the best (my boys included… they’ve seen first hand the effects. My hope is that they can help others too).”

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  1. Hello my name is Lia. I was married for 18 & 1/2 years to this amazing man. We have 3 beautiful boys they are now ages 20, 18 & 11 years old. When i learnt of my husband was taking meth, i kept it a secret from our kids, family & friends for 12yrs as i thought i could help him get off it. On d 13th year out of the blue he tried to commit suicide infront of our 3 boys by saying a speech after downing several pills. I will always remember seeing their faces & tears running down their cheeks & looking at me asking why is dad doing this? To cut my story short 5.5 yrs later he was getting worst & it was my 2nd oldest boy at that time was now 15yrs old asked him to leave. He had enuf of who his dad had become. Unfortunately once you are addicted to meth who we fell in love with has died & a new creation is reborn to someone who we no longer know or dont know. I am still a solo mother, my boys are still living with me & once we moved on with life without the father, life has been really happy & full of opportunity. I encourage you to stay strong for you & your kids. Ur X is older enough to look after himself. No support or help will help him unless he wants the help, unless he wants to change. I am here if you find days you feel alone to talk or have a ear to listen. I understand completely what you have gone through i went through as well. Im very thankful i did go through what i did as i am a stronger woman& a stronger mother today. Ready to support other woman/man going through what i went through. God Bless you & your children.

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