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Is There Proof That Heaven Exists? This Scientist May Have Found It!

It’s always interesting to hear the wild variety of anecdotes when it comes to the survivors of NDEs. With any consistent evidence for the survival of physical death, I anticipate some very fascinating angles taken in the Atheist vs. Theist debate circuit.

Listen to this powerful testimony and the evidence that may answer the age-old question: Is there an afterlife? Taken from this personal story and the intriguing research of Dr. Jeffrey Long, we may have fresh proof that a life after this one exists.

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  1. Everyone’s searching for “proof” or trying to change others minds with “proof”. Isn’t our beliefs based upon faith?? Isn’t that really where the change comes about?
    Stop looking for proof to bring people to Jesus and start relying on what’s written and faith! If it were meant to be proved we wouldn’t have a reason to rely on faith and without having to exercise faith we would feel like we have no need for God.

  2. Yes there is a place so called ‘HEAVEN’ and everything good in it. But let us not forget their is a place for sinners like me. As a sinner, this is the place where I can ‘clean’ myself. ‘Satan’ will not be kind to me but I can’t blame him for doing his job. When I die I love to go to ‘HELL’ , I will stand all the shit that I’ve done and the shit that still I will do until I die. Our creator love us very much but he has no power over us, we are the destroyer of ourselves. But I knew every time I feel like impressing him with simple act of kindness and good deeds, it will put a smile on his face no doubt.

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