Homeless Vet Dies With No Friends Or Family, But See Who Comes To Funeral ?

Through this sad story we still can see the inner beauty in human! God bless all who participated…

Sergeant John Beard of St. Louis served in the Air Force in the Vietnam War from 1968 until 1971. He earned four medals of honor for his service to our country.After returning to the U.S., though, Beard didn’t adjust well to civilian life, a fate which sadly affects many veterans of all wars. Beard ended up homeless. Sadly, he also ended up suffering from stage four brain and lung cancer.

At 67-years-old man, Sergeant John Beard passed away with no friends or family at his side. Before his death, though, Beard met Calvin Whitaker, owner of Michel Funeral Home in St. Louis.

Whitaker believed, as we do, that when military personnel or veterans die, they deserve the right to have a funeral where they are given full military honors. He decided he needed to do something to ensure the decorated veteran – who had struggled so after years of selfless service – would never be forgotten. About 100 people attended the ceremony at Jefferson Barracks.

The funeral home gave Beard a funeral free of charge. The ceremony also included full military honors.

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