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Gay Man Asks “Where Are My Rights?” – BEST Answer Ever Given!

Gay man asks "Where are my rights?"Connect with Ryan here -> Ryan T Anderson, PhD

Posted by Yeshua on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Watch this, excellent answer and explanation! This is the BEST answer ever given! Marriage is intended for a man and woman, glory be to God almighty!

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  1. There is no best answer He didn’t answer the question. By definitions marriage can be perform with every two people as partner in personal relationship
    marriage – noun
    1.the legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship (historically and in some jurisdictions specifically a union between a man and a woman).

    2.a combination or mixture of two or more elements.

  2. I’m interested in this, because the speaker is very intelligible and makes a good argument, while the questioner is quite ignorant to the answers given.

    You’ll notice the speaker never once mentioned god or the bible. That’s because they’re discussing LEGAL matters of marriage and tax laws.

    The speaker’s point about the dissolution of marriage is interesting. It would be easy to claim that marriage is a “monogamous union of consenting adults”, which would include homosexuals, but how long before there are thruples claiming discrimination against their lifestyle? Where is the objectively ethical place to draw the line?

    I’m in support of lgbt rights, and I ultimately disagree with the speaker, but the conversation is a good one.

    Also, Anna Newell, Shari Dugan, Vera Van De Vijver, Will Schoenleber, listen to the speaker and take note. THAT is how you appeal to others. You all sound ridiculous, and wouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone except people that agree with you.

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