Atheist-Ian McCormack, Dead On Morgue Slab, Wakes After Meeting Jesus In Heaven!

This is an Awesome testimony. We truly believe that Miracles are still happening everyday. Thank you our heavenly Father!

Ian McCormack interview on CBN detailing his experience of dying and experiencing hell, heaven and God.

Ian was stung by 5 deadly box jellyfish and was an atheist up until this experience. After the out of body experience and his visitation into the Spiritual dimension he returned a believer. Despite this holy intervention, Ian’s soul left his body while in the hospital. Like the story of Mickey Robinson, that we brought to you last week, Ian was given a glimpse of hell before he was granted access to paradise. Ian’s account of meeting Jesus is absolutely astounding! His account of Heaven is awe inspiring! His account of waking in the morgue, getting stabbed by the coroner is actually a little funny!

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