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How I Realized Being Gay Wasn’t a Gift From God!

Darrion Skinner’s PERSONAL account of how he, with the Spirit of Jesus, overcame a LGBT centered lifestyle and turned to Christ. He was though being a gay is ok, he said that he did not hurt anybody, he just want to be happy and enjoy his life, enjoy to love somebody…But now he testify that ”How I Realized Being Gay Wasn’t a Gift From God! “, this is so amazing, we can only give all the glory to God! We know that only God can change people’s heart, only God ABLE! Praise our Lord, Jesus Christ! 

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  1. Gay means ‘good as you’, and was a counter for ‘soft boys’ against bullies. Whenever they were harrassed, they would respond: “I am just as Good As You.
    Homosexualty is a sexual act through someones behind. Even if you are married and have some sexual intimacy thhrough you wife’s behind you break a heavenly law.

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