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Nothing Better Than A Song Glorifying Our God—Touch The Sky LIVE Of Dirt And Grace

Touch The Sky was on of those crazy ones – with 1 hour left of the Mt. Arbel park open we ran up the hill set up and went for it! Band sharing mixes – wind blowing – Kobes sitting on the cliff! We got it in the can. A few days later with most of the Band gone home – we went to Masada and realised that the lowest point on Earth, -424m was in the area around the dead sea. Joel mused that the paradox was too great to let slip – so we took what we had, a guitar, and ipad and 2 mics into a field recorder and filmed the first verse from this – the lowest point on earth. We hope you enjoy the visuals and the dichotomy of them that we hope are in line with the lyrics and their inspiration — Matthew 5.

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