What’s The Nicest Thing A Stranger Has Ever Done For You?

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  1. My stranger,i came to believe was an angel from God in the form of a little old lady,one cold,dark November night in Battleground Wash State.I left my 11yr old son to watch over my 9yr old daughter n 2yr old son while i went grocery shopping,(within walkin distance from where we lived).While in store,i turned around and there was my daughter next to a cart with my baby boy inside wearing only a t-shirt,diaper,and receiving blanket,laughing and exposing his little bare legs!My 1st response was shock n surprise then anger with my daughter,but before i had a chance to respond to situation,next to my daughter was this little old lady sweet as could be,begging me not to be mad at my lil girl,her older brother had left her n baby brother alone and she was scared.,so wrapped him up as best she could an walked in the cold n dark night to find me at store.As we all walked to up to cashier to pay,i turned around to thank the lil old lady for bringing my children in to find me and she was gone?

  2. When I broke down on the Interstate with a flat tire on Labor Day weekend. At least 200 cars and big trucks sailed right past me while I was standing along side my car waving my arms for help. A nice man finally stopped and changed my tire. I said May God bless you because I found out he had cancer.

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