Israeli Geneticists Confirm Divinity of Jesus’ DNA

Israeli geneticists have scientifically confirmed the divinity of Jesus’ DNA through tests performed by a team of research scientists in Tel Aviv (news report narrated by archaeologist Ron Wyatt).

Having 24 distinct chromosomes or 22 autosomes (mother’s are duplicated) in addition to 2 (XY) chromosomes, the 22 autosomes of the mother are equal to the corresponding 22 autosomes of the father (one to one) and the X chromosome of the mother (XX) plus the “Y” sex chromosome given by father being (XY).

In total, 2 of His mother’s autosomal chromosomes duplicated times 22, plus 1 (X) chromosome + 1 (Y) chromosome = 23 homologous pairs of chromosomes. Thus, the (Heavenly) Father’s (Y) male chromosome was expressed as Jesus.

The DNA Jesus is 96% from Mary rather than 50% from Mary as would be normal. So the Holy Spirit had to have inseminated a virginal Mary with the “Y” chromosome of the one true almighty G-d of Avraham.

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  1. None of this matters to me the living Christ lives inside me also known as the Holy Spirit I have everything I need it’s all based on faith and the Unseen realm of heavenly places we are to bring Heaven on Earth he created heaven before the foundation love each other with an agape love that’s all that matters have a Merry Christmas may peace favor and Grace shower your precious head amen


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