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Are You Really a Christian? Repent & Believe

Only few tell the truth and he is one of them.

Faith without works is a dead faith and will not save, and works alone are sign of pride, arrogance, and self righteousness. Repentance is key, but is preceded by faith and works. Both go hand in hand. Genuine faith leads to genuine works or “fruit”. Then both lead to a genuine relationship with the Lord himself.

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  1. I believe a Good Christian is this.

    1) Believes “God is Omniscient.”
    2) Has to look up the word, “Omniscient.”
    3) Prays to God
    4) Doesn’t realize praying is like teaching. It is communiation meant to inform. Informing is removing ignorance. What is God ignorant?

    5) Reads the Bible
    6) Doesn’t notice that the bible has on nearly every one of it’s pages an example of how God fails to meet His Expectation(s).

    7) Feels “Chosen.”
    8) Enjoys the “chosen” status that has it’s members committing genocide of “not chosen.”
    9) Worships God.
    10) Worship man’s freewill when an excuse is needed for God beginning with nothing (Gen 1:1) and ends up with His Expectations not being met. (Revelations)

    Yes. I call good Christians.
    But the other Middle Eastern religions are also “good” too. They are so exactly the same!

    • And lastly, having my comment “moderated” to see if, “do we hear our opinion in Dana Jones’ voice?
      Yes. Approved.
      No. Deny.

      That is not truth, that is representing God as a hypocrite. (Where asbestos when you try to explain to Him how you don’t like people criticizing the book with statements of your belief that you do not agree with….

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