Does ‘The Last Supper’ Really Have a Hidden Meaning?

Da Vinci’s The Last Supper plays a key role in the 2006 blockbuster hit The Da Vinci Code. Although the film’s claims are more fiction than fact, could the painting actually contain a message from Leonardo?

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    • Jesus whole birth and death are based on what happens to the sun at the winter solstice…..what people truly don’t understand is the bible is an astronomical and astrological solar allegory based on Astrology just like every other ancient religion ever invented….ancient people personified constellations like Heracles and made up elaborate stories based on his movement thru the sky…..or personifications of Planets like Saturn, Mars and many others and again made up tales and gave them human faces etc…..the most high god was always the Sun God who was given many names…..the Sun moves across the sky exactly 1 degree different from the previous day… starts falling around October to his death at the solstice….Dec 21 is the last day of its movement from the earths perspective….on the 22,23,24 the Sun God is believed to be dead for 3 days cause he is no longer moving south and rises and sets in the same exact spot just above the horizon…..on xmas morning after being dead for 3 days Virgo the Virgin rises above the Sun b4 it rises above the horizon and symbolically gives birth to the new born king….its complete sun worship and astrotheology…..thats why his miracles and characteristics are almost identical to other sun gods being born of a virgin (virgo) ….the 3 magi or kings is really orions belt lining up with the brightest star in the sky which is sirius…..they form an arrow pointing to the spot where the sun will be re serected on Dec 25…….its astrotheology people.. Jesus is the Sun of God and his 12 followers are the 12 constellations….just as the OT had 12 tribes….12 is mentioned many times for a reason…….all ancient religions are based on the same EXACT concept….star lore……its no different from Greek Mythology and others….the NT was written in Greek remember not the native language….follow my clues and just research for yourselves….go to any astronomers website and type in 3 day death of the sun

    • Just as Jesus is the Sun, Lucifer is also a star….he is Venus….it describes Lucifer in the Bible as a deciever, he wants to be like the most high God(sun) he leads a congregation of angels that fall to the earth with him….it says God cloaks him with diamonds, rubies, saphires, and others…..he was the most beautiful etc…..its simply star lore just as all other religions personified planets, constellations and the most High is the Sun God who went by many names….if u go outside b4 the Sun God rises u will see Lucifer(Venus) rising above the sun and it is the brightest and most beautiful star in the heavens cause the sun is just below it and it shimmering all these beautiful colors……
      .as the Sun finally rises the light of the sun drowns out Lucifer (venus) and all his congregation which is really just the lesser stars that rise with venus b4 being drowned out by god…ancient people thought stars were angels and they made up these types of myths thru out all the religions ever invented….it even refers to Lucifer as the morning star…..its time to wake up people and understand how all these stories were written and what they really mean….its Astrotheology

    • You know,God is the creator of heaven and the earth,but Jesus is not the sun.Jesus is so much more than that.He is alive and walked on the earth.He took your place and punishment because you cant ever do enough.Jesus was God manifest.He is love,not sun.Nature is awesome but look to Jesus rather than nature.

    • He does walk on water and died for you no matter how much you hate the one true God.Jesus really did walk this earth and that crown of thorns was for you and took pain for the thoughts that you think is the truth.What are you going to do when you see he is more than a ball of radiation?

    • My God is real.Ive seen what he does.No matter what you believe,Jesus loves you and I love you too.Jesus saved me and he was there when nobody else was.You went as far as to go and find a meme to try to disprove Jesus as God manifest into flesh.You will never find that piece thats missing,you wont find anything to fill that void,you wont find it anywhere except when you come to Jesus.You can call him sun,but what happens to your god when it rains? Jesus is always there.

    • And as ridiculous as your stuff sounds,as far as trying to disprove Jesus being as real as you and me,it only glorifies Jesus even more and proves his real existance even more.Everything proves and points to Jesus Christ,congrats for proving him even more to me.

    • April Ranta again how do you know what you felt wasn’t Zeus instead of Jesus.? The Sun is our true savior as what would happen to you if he didn’t rise? Why do go to sunrise Easter service and pray to the sun as it rises? Why do you not worship on the Sabbath as the Bible says to do and instead worship on the Pagan day of Sunworship?

    • Because we had to have a savior.Somebody that could save us but yet understand us,he was a legit flesh sacrifice in our place.The sun cant do that.Jesus came in our likeness and was our substitute.We were born with a sin nature,we are not perfect and deserve to be destroyed and dead in our sins.We crave the love of God,his forgiveness,to be complete and to be one with him.He manifested and sent perfect flesh in our place.Jesus went through so much inconvenient things just for us.God poured his wrath out on his true Son.Its a legit covenant between God and us.We cant earn it and the sun cant save us.Its warm and beautiful but it doesnt answer prayers or count the hairs on your head or know your name.He knows everything about you and wants you to know that you are loved and can find that peace that you have been missing for like the last 9 years.

    • We dont have to have an animal sacrifice.Jesus came for that reason.He became our curse.Its up to you whether you accept that he loves you enough to die for you or just his creation.He loves you enough to give his own life.

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