Shocked! This Man Was Arrested Because Of Preaching Gospel In California.

Esto sucedió en la ciudad de Torrance California, una persona que predica el evangelio es tratada de esta manera. QUE OPINAN?

Posted by Cosas Del Valle on Monday, November 6, 2017

What’s Your Opinion About Preaching Gospel Publicly?

Some people say there’s a place in the church to preach not in the streets disturbing the peace… In Acts, Apostle Paul was arrested because of preaching the gospel, even in front of the government official of Romans, Paul didn’t consider about his safety firstly, his focus was how to preach the gospel to the government officials, even he will die. Do you really believe the gospel is the most important thing for a people?

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  1. One day,all of us going to have to stand before the King of kings and the Lord of lords wether you are a believer or not.God is real.It’s just like a tooth ache, ” it hurts,but you can’t see,but you feel it.God is real,but yet,you can’t see Him; because He’s too Holy for us to look upon His face.One day,His Son will return,and we all “WILL” receive our reward for we have done.I will not debate the word of God because it is foolishness to do.Either you believe in Him or not.

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