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Where Did God Come From ? His Answer Blew Me Away

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  1. Not convinced just by his rambling and to crush his answer he referred to the bible of which was written by man!! So there you go! No evidence No god! Get used to it, you were all lied too, you are not stupid, just misguided. Be a humanitarian and give your faith to the good of man and woman on earth here and now. Above all, have fun.

    • Reading the Bible which was written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, does enlighten one in the ways of
      God but it is the experience of the relationship that makes us know there is a God. “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.”

    • God is none but the Creator. There must be definitely a Creator behind ‘creations.’ I think when we witness creations (when we, human beings ourselves are one among the creations), we have no other option than to accept the Creator. Otherwise, if you would say things began to exist by themselves, do we witness any, now?? I mean, is there anything that appears suddenly without a biological action??? When this is the case, where is the room to say that things exist by itself without a Creator?? And, how come the emotions (love, hate, jealousy, compassion, pride, anger, etc., etc.,) exist??? Who is responsible for the existence of emotions, which are quite strong in human beings than any other creations? Why human beings are punished by law when they commit any crime whereas animals are not?? What do all these reveal – there is a life after death. We can keep on questioning about God using the brain which we ‘have’ but do not ‘own.’ We own nothing and hence it is not fair to question beyond certain limits, as our life time is limited and especially, when we do not even know the moment we are going to become totally ‘inactive’. Nothing – our wisdom or education or anything could be of any help to us once we become ‘inactive’ (die). So, in my opinion, it will be a wise thing to OBEY God (the Creator) and lead a life according to His will. I can share further ideas (few or more) in this regard, if you are interested…

  2. We are here and not by ourselves, We are because of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, Yes, And every word we of Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us Lay’s on His life that He paid Salvation for our lives, So we must believe it, Because I truly believe, He was thee only one that gave us life, Yes Jesus Christ the Son of God, We Love you for what you has done for us, Nobody can do us like the Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord, We Love all His forth coming, What He said, And what has done, Let’s love Him and give Glory be too His name, Amen

  3. ILOHIM the Self Existing One! Before the foundation of the World! There was ILOHIM! CREATED ALL Things, ILOHIM Has a Characters, GOD Means an Object to worship, Create the Angels First to Worship Him. CREATOR become a Creator have an Creation first, SAVIOR Dispensation of JESUS CHRIST John 3:16. A FATHER A HOLY GHOST. ILOHIM The Great Eternal Spirit The Self Existing One!

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