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There is power in the blood of Jesus! – A perfect and shocking preaching of salvation

There's POWER in the blood of JESUS! #ShareThisTD Lopez Dylan Cruz Tilo Lopez

Posted by Matt Cruz on Saturday, October 7, 2017

How Jesus save us? What did he do for us? There is power in the blood of Jesus! There is power in the name in the name of Jesus! This short video using a beautiful praise to provide a perfect and easy understanding explanation of Jesus’ salvation! He released us, saved us, washed away our sins through his blood and his name!

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  1. Oh lord ,I ask you also give power and your break true the loveone my dad tonight he is in hospital st vincent hospital he is in bed he is sick oh my lord myty jeses crist give your strength and positive energy and your power and your powerful miracle to my dad tonight I need you give him power to hill the wounds he have he need your strength and miracles the name of son Holy Ghost and I need you give him power to hill so he can back home on Monday morning he had sergery the sergery was sexesfull give him power GOD bless jeses crist our holy jeses crist amen

  2. Jesus says that he has come to destroy families by making family members hate each other. He has “come not to send peace, but a sword.” 10:34-36

    Jesus condemns entire cities to dreadful deaths and to the eternal torment of hell because they didn’t care for his preaching.11:20-24

    Jesus will send his angels to gather up “all that offend” and they “shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” 13:41-42, 50

  3. This is the best preaching I’ve ever heard you guys are awesome. So intone with God you touched my heart and spirit I cried thru the whole video, where is your church light house? Keep preaching, much love in Christ your sister Beverly..

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