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A Powerful Preaching! – Father and The Lion, This Story Made Me Cry

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Posted by Blessed Life on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

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  1. God is not helplessly waiting and pleading with people to come to salvation. He is almighty and he will bring every single person that he has chosen to be his, before even the earth was formed he chose them.
    Whether it is through his being able to see through eternity or whether it is by his choosing, but they will come to him and receive salvation before they die or before the rapture of the saints. God’s will is NOT subject to man’s will. God is the one who has set all things in motion and is in total control of all things, including the salvation of persons. He did not send, nor did Christ go to his death to then plead and hope, as humans do, that people would come to him. He draws us, each of us through a process that is individual as we are individual. It is His doing and nothing of ourselves, lest we should boast of our choice to be saved. He created us, he chose us, he draws us, and he keeps us. Praise God, for his amazing grace and power. We are lost and He found us! We did not suddenly find Him and wake up to needing him. It might seem that is what happened. But, he put those desires in our hearts, and created the perfect time, and circumstance that he knew we needed to be in to be convicted and to turn to Christ. That is part of the miracle of salvation that is a mystery. I know many see it from a human perspective, but study the theology of Election and you will come to understand so much more about how AWESOME and MIGHTY God is. It will enlarge your picture of Him and benefit your faith and put within you a greater sense of gratitude and peace. We must however live our lives in a way that points to him and his love, but not to ourselves or any church or other person. God wants ALL the credit and ALL the glory. It is His love, His plan, His mercy, His grace, and His power–all of it is from Him alone. Trust you will try to understand this and know that I send praise to God for your precious hearts and love.

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