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Christian Pastor Destroys Gay Pastor

Christian pastor Robert Jeffress (from First Baptist Dallas) systematically destroys gay reverend Neil Cazares-Thomas’ (from the Cathedral of Hope) arguments point-by-point on same-sex marriage. But, what are your thoughts on same-sex marriage?

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  1. Shut the fuck up!!! All of you!! Ignorant as this guy who tries to put down another man for his sexuality!! God loves everyone! He’s the only that can pass judgement on someone else’s lifestyle and sins therefore everyone should stfu! Stay in your lane and humble yourselves before passing judgment onto others!!

  2. Too bad it really doesn’t matter one bit what your *opinions* about the morality of sane sex marriage are. It’s a sin? Then don’t commit it yourself. That’s all the say you get in the matter.
    You know what else is a sin? Divorce.


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