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Christian Pastor Destroys Gay Pastor

Christian pastor Robert Jeffress (from First Baptist Dallas) systematically destroys gay reverend Neil Cazares-Thomas’ (from the Cathedral of Hope) arguments point-by-point on same-sex marriage. But, what are your thoughts on same-sex marriage?

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  1. To those who agree with the bakers….why stop there? Should the same be applied to everyone? Can medical personel refuse to treat a homosexual patient? Can we refuse to rent to them or sell them a home? How about if my religion believes that receiving blood transfusions is a sin. If I own or run a business, should I be allowed to state that none of my employee’s medical insurance, that I provide to them, will pay for blood transfusions because I wouldn’t want to promote their sinfullness. It’s a slippery slope, people. Pray how you like, worship how you like, and live in your beliefs how you like. But stay out of other people’s business.

  2. This is ridiculous. No one said that because you sell a cake that means you are promoting homosexuality. We DO NOT allow discrimination in this county, Does it happen, yes. But government makes laws that keep the most narrow minded people in check. Your religion is your beliefs. If you feel homosexuaity is a sin, then don’t have homosexual sex. It’s none of their business what other people do. Their business was cakes. Not judgement, just cakes.

  3. This is very obvious and clear of the “father” not knowing the scriptures as he should. Remember folks, God word is everlasting. Lord over everything and of our universe. Catholicism comes from Rome. It was forced upon those where they went to conquer. They opposed all the teachings of Jesus and of the father. They persecuted you for not joining their side. They made up saints and forced you to pray to them. Someone look in the bible for me the virgin Mary credo ? Not there ! If God word says do not believe or pray to saints, for they cannot save you but John 3:16 is clear about how we would have ever lasting life through his son Jesus. Folks you want the truth,read the scripture and ask for understanding before you do. Not all who read will understand or receive the message God wants you to hear. You must truly open your heart to let him in and then you will start seeing, feeling and knowing the difference.

  4. I don’t hate homosexuals . I know it is wrong . I do not judge though because god still loves them and they matter . The business should not go out of business due tot heir religious views it’s like if chic fil a decided to not serve a lesbian because they’re a Christian company . There’s always other businesses that will make them a cake other than the specific one they wanted

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