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Eagles WR Gets Baptized In Hotel Pool Before Game Against Panthers

Eagles WR Gets Baptized In Hotel Pool Before Game Against Pant…

Big things are happening in the Eagles locker room.

Posted by Team Tebow on Friday, October 13, 2017

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  1. Wonderful testimony. Maybe these Brothers can influence the Eagle team players who say they will not go with the team to the White House in protest against President Trump, to change their mind. It would be great if the whole team were united in going together to be honored there as the Super Bowl winners.

    • Why should they go if they feel Trump is not a Christian man. Jesus said, if there are no believers, shake the dust off your shoes and go elsewhere. I would not go to the White House IF I were ever famous!

    • Why give the traitors on the team a platform. They continue to disrespect our country every time they kneel at the playing of our national anthem. Good riddance if they are stupid enough to turn down the honor of an invitation to the white house.

    • Charlotte, it is because they are baptized that they won’t go to the White House. No where in the Bible does it say to go to the house of Satan. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t say now that Trump is not a christian and didn’t need to be, and they say we are Christians have to support him. Read God’s word. No where in God’s word does He tell us to support the devil. Instead, He tells us to stand up against evil and that is what myself and millions of other Christians are doing. We are standing up against the evil man in the white house.

    • Mo Pledger It is so sad that you don’t even know what the Constitution of the United States says. What is even sadder, is that as a proud Marine veteran, I did not raise my right hand to defend a flag or a song, I raised my right hand so EVERYONE had the right to free speech under the 1st Amendment and it would do your heart good to read it and under it. That way when the draft dodger who is sitting in the white house makes some stupid comment, you are educated and can think for yourself.

    • Dierdre Taylor And you call yourself a Christian? Please talk like one.The Devil is NOT living in the White House, the pre-curser to the Antichrist moved out last year. God has taken control that is why there is so much hate against the good, Satan is living in the hearts and minds of the lying Liberals that stand behind the deep state that tried to take this Country down. We as brothers and sisters in Christ are called to Pray for our adversary’s and Love one another in Truth and Light. Lying is a sin against our Father in Heaven and our Country. Those that are without sin may cast the first stone, since non of us are we have no right to Judge one another in words and deeds. Anyone that does not respect the Highest office in the land does NOT Love America. We did not agree with O.but we respected the office and did not trash him at every turn, Pray for this Nation and its administration if the Nation fails we all fail. Love one another and stop the hate. 🙏🙏

    • Really Linda, okay you put yourself out there. Please tell me one thing that trump has said or done that shows he believes in our Heavenly Father. And before you come back and say that it is not necessary, you need to go back and read your Bible. The Bible tells us time and time again that people should be able to see by your words and your actions that we know the Father. When I said that the devil is in the white house, it is because of his actions, that I know he does not know the Lord. Billy Graham’s own granddaughter came out and admitted that Christians who voted for him knew he was not a christian, but that he didn’t need to be as long as they agreed with this policies. Will, if you believe that his policies are of our Father in Heaven, they you definitely need to go back and reread your Bible. No where in the Bible does it say that it is appropriate to grab a women in her private areas. No where in the Bible does it say that adultery is okay. No where in the Bible does it say you don’t have to ask for forgiveness because you don’t think you have done anything wrong. These are all things that trump has said and done. You don’t have to believe me, look it up. If you truly love our Father in Heaven then you would not be supporting a man who is everything our Father is not. And just for the record, our Heavenly Father DEMANDS that we stand up for HIM, not an evil man who could care less about our Father’s other children. Shame on you!!!!

    • Diedra…..God placed Pres.Trump in the White House for a purpose…just like he put Obama there….the Bible does say to render to Caesar that that belongs to Caesar….respect for the office….and as a,Christian I would NEVER vote for a murderer or thief or promoter of abortion… where do you think she got her nickname Killary….

    • Chris Bryan Storzbach When you get old enough to vote in this country maybe more people will listen to what you have to say. Maybe when you become a mature Christian you’ll know that calling someone a fool that you don’t agree with is a no-no. lol

    • You reminded of the new Interstate Battery “God’s Love” commercials. That would’ve been awesome during the Superbowl but probably would’ve been blocked like the Veteran’s commercial… too bad!

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