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Video Of Marines Become Viral After Their Weekly Service Was Posted on Facebook

There is no better salute than to see that the very people that fight for your country also do praise and worship.

Just recently, a video of a troop of US marines went viral on the internet. It features the members of the US Marines singing songs of praise at Camp Geiger in North Carolina.

The marines can be seen holding their hands up high at the School of Infantry – East as they offer the ultimate salute to God.

The video was taken during one of their weekly worship services  before it was uploaded on Facebook. The post touched the millions of viewers who watched it and left comments of admiration.

10,000 Reasons

Marines @ SOI East Camp Geiger. North… – Eva Rose Laurico-Palmada Jones

Marines @ SOI East Camp Geiger. North Carolina

The video shows the camaraderie of the marines as they worship the Lord. The troops were singing the song Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons as they have their arms interlinked with one another.

The unity of the marines were in full display as thousands of Facebook users left heart-warming comments on the comments section.

“Very beautiful. Thank you all for your service. Keeping us safe. May God be with you all,” said one of the comments.

A woman by the name of Korina Rose said: “Nothing gets you more pumped for contributing to our freedom than connecting with the Lord.”

Perhaps one of the more popular comments was made by a Facebook user stating: “Thanks for sharing this, what a beautiful sight to see our strongest of men in the country STANDING STRONG FOR OUR SAVIOR, JESUS.”

The video was similar to the one that happened at the Doughboy Stadium in Fort Benning, Georgia where thousands of army personnel did the same last Easter Sunday.

It feels touching and empowering whenever we see that brave men such as our national defense manage to find time to worship the Lord.

Training them spiritually

The School of Infantry (SOI) is where enlisted US marines go after recruitment. It is the second stage of initial military training for cadets after recruitment training.

SOI makes it a point to train their cadets on spiritual well-being on top of the mandatory combat and infantry training.

Spiritual activities in the school include Bible studies and weekly worship service.

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