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Afflicted By ISIS, The Girl Still Says “I Will Pray to Jesus to Forgive Them”

Myriam’s life was turned upside down when ISIS militants conquered her hometown Qaraqosh, the largest Christian city in Iraq. Like most people in Qaraqosh, the 9-year-old and her family were forced to flee for their lives and seek protection in refugee camps.

Myriam ended up in a refugee camp in Kurdistan. She missed her home badly. She missed her dearest and closest friend Sandra with whom she would spend all day long back in Qaraqosh.

Unfortunately, she also could not attend school while she was at the refugee camp.

Myriam, as a fervent believer of Jesus Christ, still chose to forgive those who robbed her life and took everything from her. In an interview with a local TV channel in Kurdistan, she said that she forgives ISIS for whatever they have done to her and her family.

Iraqi Christian girl teaches ISIS the power of forgiveness

Sat 7 – Kids (Arabic) channel Myriam, ISIS may have weapons and financial power, while you don’t even have a house. But you are much stronger because of the power of forgiveness and love that Jesus has planted in your little heart. “By their fruit you will recognize them” – Matthew 7:16.

“You shouldn’t kill when they kill you. You should forgive those who wrong you. This is what Jesus said,” said Myriam. “I would pray to Jesus to forgive them,” she added.

Remarkably she also said: “No matter what we go through in our life, God loves us very much and God loves everyone.”

When she was asked by the reporter if God also loves ISIS who killed many people, Myriam said, “God loves them too, but God hates Satan.”

Myriam’s prayer was that she could return to her home and go back to school again. Most of all, she wanted to be together with Sandra whom she loved so much.

God, who saw the faith and love in the heart of the little girl, answered all of her prayers. 5 years after the interview, Myriam is now back in her home, going to school and reunited with her best friend Sandra.

The faith of this little girl is indeed exemplary.


Sequel of Hope – Revisiting the girl who forgave ISIS in Iraq (full film) Five years ago an interview with an Iraqi schoolgirl who forgave IS for expelling her community from their homes went viral. Now this 30-minute SAT-7 film catches up with Myriam and her family as they celebrate their first Easter back in their Christian hometown of Qaraqosh.

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