Once Lived as ‘Jake’, She Calls Transgenderism ‘A Lie From The Pit of Hell’

Laura Perry, author of ‘Transgendered to Transformed,’ opened up about how she discovered God during the most confusing time of her life. She told Black Christian News Network how giving her life to the Lord changed her outlook on life and helped her find true happiness and acceptance from her mother.

As a child, Laura was a rambunctious and athletic girl. It was her behavior that led her to believe that her mother didn’t want her the way she is. Then she thought why not become a boy, like her quiet brother, who was close to her mom.

Laura Perry

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“Very early in life I believed the lie that I wasn’t loved as a girl. Everything in life got put through this lens that I should’ve been a boy,” Laura said.

Laura spent her high school and college years sleeping around with boys just to earn their affections. Until one day, she burned out and recalled her childhood fantasy of wanting to become a boy.  She joined a transgender support group where she was encouraged to come out so that she can find true happiness.

Thereafter, she became convinced to become “Jake.” She underwent mastectomy and chest reconstruction and took hormonal treatments to look like a man. Laura wanted to forget that she was ever born a female. Slowly, her voice became deeper and she started growing facial hair.

Laura Perry

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Laura initially felt ecstatic and happy. She lived as “Jake” and even married a male who transitioned to female. She thought she was on “cloud nine”.

However, her happiness was short-lived. She eventually realized that the surgeries didn’t biologically change her into a man but only legally on her driver’s license. She may look like one but deep inside she is still a woman.

Laura realized that transgenderism didn’t give her true happiness but only devastation and depression. She even warned people against it and called it “a lie from the pit of Hell.”

It was at the lowest point of her life that Laura reconnected with her mother through the Bible. One day she read her mom’s notes from her Bible study and was blown away by the realization that God is faithful and loving and not judgmental and angry as she initially thought.

She slowly pursued God and completely surrendered to him after she saw a vision of the Lord on one knee with his hand reaching out to her. Laura forgot about “Jake”, left her partner, her job, and the lies she lived, and moved home with her mother.

There, in the welcoming embrace of her mom, Laura found true happiness and acceptance. She also found a community of women who prayed for her and showered her with more love and joy than she could ever ask for. Laura finally broke free of her misconception about being a woman and embraced who God created her to be.

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