A 5-year-old girl named Sophie touched the hearts of thousands of people online after a video of her singing “You Are My Sunshine” went viral on the internet. The song is famous and millions of people around the world have sung their own versions of it. What makes Sophie’s video extra special?

In the video, the little girl could be seen singing the classic song to an elderly lady who was revealed to be her great-grandmother. Sophie’s “Great Nana” suffers from dementia and has been living in a home for the elderly where she receives round-the-clock care. Her illness has left her unable to speak or take care of herself.

Confined to her bed, Great Nana has never had the pleasure of meeting little Sophie until she was five years old. In the description written in the original YouTube video post by Sandy Miller, he said, “We were worried what her reaction would be but what happen next surprised us……. a beautiful moment.”

Sophie may have only just met her great grandmother for the first time, but you can never tell by watching the video. In it, she could be seen sweetly singing “You Are My Sunshine” while gently stroking Great Nana’s face. The elderly woman, although likely unaware who Sophie is, could be seen intently listening and reacting to her great-grandchild’s voice. It was indeed a memorable moment for the whole family. Luckily, they captured the moment on video.

The first visit was clearly followed by more, as proven by a later video posted by Yvonne Brock Miller. In it, a slightly older Sophie could be seen bonding with Great Nana over the same song. The videos appear to be two years apart but luckily, Great Nana does not seem to have deteriorated. If anything, she seems to be more responsive to her great-granddaughter’s singing. Companionship and love from family members can indeed do wonders for one’s health.