5-Year-Old Boy Recovers from Cancer All Over His Body

cancer Sep 3, 2019

Cancer is still one of the fearsome diseases today. It kills a lot of people daily, and people are scared their doctor will say they have it one day. It can happen to anyone even to those who are living a healthy lifestyle.

The parents of Freddy Wetherley, Alice and Ricky, shouldn’t be blamed for fearing about the life of their son when he contacted an aggressive and unique form of cancer.

The first scans showed his condition is grave. Freddy’s mom, Alice, was interviewed by Daily Mail and she said, “We could see cancer all over his body, it just seemed impossible that he would survive. But he has done wonderfully well and made an amazing recovery, and we are very proud of him.”

Posted by Ricky Weatherley on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Everything started when Freddy complained about a pain in his legs one day. Freddy’s parents thought it’s just a sickness bug. However, when their boy didn’t want fairground rides because of the unbearable pain, his parents knew they need a doctor to check their son.

The hospital scan showed a massive tumor in Freddy’s stomach, and he’s been allocated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. The follow-up diagnosis said Freddy had neuroblastoma. Alice said, “When they told us what Freddy had, it was devastating. We couldn’t believe it.”

Freddy had a 70-day chemotherapy cycle. At Christmas, he had a stem-cell transplant, and last February, he went under the knife to have his tumor removed. Alice said, “Freddy was sick and exhausted through the treatment, but he handled everything well. He spent a lot of time on Facetime to his sister Freya, who is two, and that helped him. He looked forward to talking to her every day.”

The Wetherley family is now worry-free because last May, the doctors declared Freddy is finally in remission, and he can enjoy Football again. He’ll return to school too. Alice explained, “When we first saw that body scan, we didn’t think there was much hope. He is our little miracle”.

Freddy’s family and friends want to spread the news about his healing. They want to tell everyone there’s hope, especially if we’ll pray.

Posted by Ricky Weatherley on Wednesday, November 7, 2018



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