Louisiana is hailing a 6-year-old young hero, Branson Lee, who saved his brother and twin cousins from drowning in the pool.

The family was having a celebration on the twins’ dedication that day. Branson, with his brother and 2-year-old twin cousins, were all in the basement watching cartoons while the grown-ups were upstairs having some chats.

Jeannie Kelly, the twins’ mom, said that Branson forgot to close the gate upon going to the bathroom. What they didn’t know is that the kids got out and went to the pool.

When Branson returned, he saw his little brother on the first step of the pool. He was then shocked to discover that his twin cousins, Isaac and Kaden, were also there but floating face down. And out of his sense of urgency, he moved his brother to the edge of the pool and jumped in to rescue his twin cousins, pulling them out of the pool, not minding that he couldn’t swim.

Branson’s mom, Courtney, said, “He just dove in. All he knew is he had to try to save them. It was a miraculous thing to know that at six years old he didn’t just scream and run away. He didn’t just ignore it or stand there in shock. He just immediately acted and allowed God to do the rest.”

After getting his cousins up on the edge of the pool, he screamed for help and caught everybody’s attention. They all rushed to the scene and saw the twins lying lifeless, but Jeannie’s husband immediately gave them CPR. It’s a sigh of relief to see that the twins showed a sign of life after 30 seconds and were crying when the ambulance arrived. The twins were separately airlifted to the hospital in Shreveport.

“When we got into the helicopter, Kaden sat up in my lap and said, ‘Hi Mama. I love you.’ I was so blown away. Ten minutes ago, I thought I lost my baby and now he’s talking to me,” Jeannie tearfully said.

Their pastor began making a prayer chain with the church congregation and prayed: “Bring them back and make them perfect, God,” while that dreadful moment was happening.

The boys had been playing the day after the accident like nothing had ever happened. The doctors said that this occurrence is something that they don’t usually see and were amazed at the twins’ quick recovery. Jeannie said to them, “This is just a miracle. “I’m so overwhelmed that God was so good to us.”