The first day of school can be exciting and downright terrifying for both students and parents. Parents often become apprehensive over the thought of their children’s safety and wellbeing while at school. Kids may share the same sentiment or feel the excitement over reuniting with their school friends and meeting new ones.

Nikki Rajahn, who runs a personalization business Unfading Adornments, wants her 6-year-old son Blake to feel excited and confident on his first day of first grade at Fayette Elementary in Fayetteville, Georgia. So she thought a personalized shirt with his design of choice is a perfect back-to-school gift.

Nikki expected him to choose his favorite superhero Batman or his fave sports team, the Philadelphia 76ers, but his request surprised her.  Blake asked his mother for an orange shirt with the words “I will be your friend” printed on the front. He reasoned that he wanted to let kids at school feel that they are not alone and that he is there for them if they need a friend.

Blake’s gesture touched Nikki especially since he too has experienced others treating him unkindly. The mother couldn’t contain her joy and just had to brag about her son’s “heart for others” on Facebook.

Nikki’s post has since earned over 18,000 likes and more than 9,000 shares. Some thought it was “sweet,”  “hopeful,” and “heartwarming” for Blake to think of others on the first day of school, while others praised Nikki for raising a kindhearted child.

Surprisingly, Nikki didn’t expect that her son would start a charity movement with his gesture. Soon people wanted to have their own “I will be your friend” apparel that not only comes as a shirt but also sweatshirts and hoodies.  The mother-and-son duo was able to earn enough from the shirts that they were able to donate a portion of the sales to Real Life Center, a local organization that helps people during their time of hardships.

However, this isn’t the first time that Blake had shown compassion for others. He also donated all his savings to a local crisis center when he heard about the fundraising to help those in need of money.

Blake’s story is proof that age does not matter when it comes to showing compassion and care for others. It’s a reminder that we all need to be thankful for what we have and to share our blessings to those in need; be it money, love, attention, or simply being a friend to those who need one.