It took Love Johnson 6 years to walk, and the joy in her household emanates where it affects everyone who saw, heard, and read about it.

Love’s confidence grew as she took one step to another. Her eyes become brighter as she slowly took steps with her hand on the table. Love holds her breath as she lifted her hand off the table, and she took quick baby steps until she reached the couch. It was an extraordinary happy moment, and the Johnsons can still feel the exhilaration, and they would forever remember that.

Those were the first steps of Love Johnson without the help of braces, a walker, or a wheelchair. She’s already six years old, but she still has a productive and meaningful life ahead of her.

Austin’s Love Johnson has cerebral palsy since she was four. Her motor disorder affects her ability to sustain balance and move freely. Lovely Johnson, Love’s mother, posted on Facebook, “She decided to get up and try walking without her walker and braces. My hero is not someone older than me; it’s my six-year-old princess.”

Love became famous overnight for thousands of people have watched the video of her walking her first steps. Popular social media sites and pages shared the video as well. Lovely shared, “She normally uses a wheelchair and walker to get around. And this time, she let it go with the wind.”

Lovely said, her daughter’s physician told her that Love would never talk or walk, and it broke her heart. She was advised that she should listen to her physicians, but she should ask for another diagnosis from another doctor.

The Johnsons household is full of joy, and they are sharing their happiness with the world to inspire other people who have kids with cerebral palsy. Lovely said, “We’ve been getting a lot of parents reaching out because they also have kids with cerebral palsy, so they are asking for advice. I’m so amazed at how many hearts my daughter touched. The love she is getting across the world is beautiful.”