6-Year-Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Self-Fund Her Care Project for Foster Kids

6-Year-Old Girl Sells Lemonade to Self-Fund Her Care Project for Foster Kids

A’Layah Robinson is a 6-year-old girl who lives in Sulphur, Oklahoma. She used to live in foster homes because her parent was a drug addict. She finally settled down in Misty Robinson’s family as she got adopted.

A’Layah is a very generous girl despite her difficult childhood. When one of the families close to the Robinson family lost all that they had in a tornado, A’Layah came forward to empty all the savings from her birthday and Christmas money.

One day, A’Layah bumped into a lemonade stand where some kids were raising money to help their friends. She quickly came up with an idea to help foster kids by selling lemonade.

When she was asked how it felt to live as a foster kid, she said, “It was not very fun, but I had to do it because I was a foster kid, until I got adopted”. She thought about the time her adopted brother came to live with their family. She felt sad that he only had old clothes and shoes that were too small for him.

A’Layah, who is well aware of the difficulties and needs of a foster child, decided to start “Lemonade for Love”- an initiative to raise funds to help foster kids.

With the money she raised by selling lemonade, A’Layah prepared flashy yellow bags that filled with goodies such as toothbrush, toothpaste, stuffed bear, bible and blanket. And she gave away these bags to foster kids for free.

A’Layah prayed over each bag before she sent it to a foster kid as she explained, “I put a bible in the bag so that the kids can feel special and learn about Jesus.”

“If we had more kids like her, more adults like her, the world would be a much better place,” Misty her mom said.