82-year-old Female Bodybuilder Beats Up Home Intruder, Leaves him ‘Dumbfounded’

A home intruder received the shock of his life after an 82-year-old woman beat him up in her New York apartment last Thursday. Unfortunately for him, he chose to invade the home of an elderly bodybuilder, who had just made a convenient Dollar Store purchase that saved her life.

‘He picked the wrong house’: Bodybuilder, 82, fights break-in suspect

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – An 82-year-old woman found herself in danger after she says a man broke into her home – until she turned the tables on the intruder. Willie Murphy says she was getting ready for bed Thursday night, just after 11 p.m., when a man began pounding on her door.

In numerous interviews with local media, Willie Murphy recounted the details of the harrowing incident. She explained how the man started banging on her door at 11:00 pm, asking for help. He was doubled over in front of her door and he claimed that he had been shot. He then asked her to call 911.

As she ran to the phone, the 28-year-old intruder broke through her chain lock and went into her living room. She ordered him to “get out” but he decided to attack her. At this point, the fast-thinking senior looked for a way to defend herself. She picked up a small TV tray table and proceeded to beat him up with it.

The intruder fell back after being repeatedly hit with the table and was left dumbfounded that the small, elderly lady fought back. At this point, she grabbed some shampoo that she had just picked up from the Dollar Store and used it to blind him. Murphy was able to subdue and detain the much younger man.

“I’m alone, I’m old, but guess what? I’m tough,” said Murphy.

Police later arrived and arrested the man. Clearly, he chose the wrong house to break into. Murphy has turned into a local celebrity after the incident. Members of the Rochester Police Department even took photos with her. She also received a hero’s welcome at her local YMCA.

Rochester NY Police on Twitter

Ms. Murphy standing shoulder to shoulder with Genesee Section Officers after an intruder attempted to break into her home. Ms. Murphy is tough as nails & fended off the intruder. Ms. Murphy standing with some of the officers that responded to her home.

It was a tough lesson to learn for the criminal. It wasn’t clear what his exact intentions were, but breaking into the home of the 82-year-old woman was an error he would have to pay for in prison.

Feature photo courtesy of “Fox & Friends”

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