Willie Myrick, 9, was playing outside with his pet Chihuahua at his Atlanta home when he was grabbed by a man and forced into a car, according to police. According to a report by NBC affiliate WXIA-TV, not staying silent might have saved Willie’s life. A gospel music lover, Willie, who just turned ten, reportedly began singing the song ‘Every Praise’ until the kidnapper, who had been driving around for nearly 3 hours, finally tossed him onto the streets and drove off. Touched by the boy’s story, songwriter behind ‘Every Praise’ Hezekiah Walker flew to Atlanta to meet Willie. Walker said that he believed God spoke through him to “save Willie life.” CBS Atlanta stated that, there was a $10,000 reward for the arrest of Willie’s kidnapper. The suspect is portrayed as a black male in his mid-to late-twenties. He is said to have been wearing a white-short-sleeved shirt with a Nike logo and khaki shorts at the time of the kidnapping.