Mom Almost Give Up, Then An “Angel” Stepped In And Convinced Her Daughter To Use The Potty

bracelet Aug 14, 2018

Tiffany Miller’s dilemma to assure her 3-year old daughter that it was safe to pee in the public toilet of a fast food chain may be trivial for some. But mothers, or parents, who care for their children’s health and who understand the risk of holding one’s urge when the bladder needs emptying, wouldn’t settle for a child’s word that ‘she could hold it.” Aside from the possibility of messing in the car when she couldn’t hold it any longer because she is just a child, it could be a detrimental habit that would eventually develop and put her daughter’s health at stake as she grows up.

So Tiffany’s parenting approach had to be firm. Lovingly, she encouraged her baby she would be there to assist her by blocking the sensor from flushing as she peed. But her child was more relentless. Until a stranger stepped in and gave unsolicited help.

The stranger merely promised the child she would get a bracelet, if she followed her mom. And her reward would be waiting outside. That simple promise from a stranger was enough for Tiffany’s daughter to yield and so went on with her business in the potty……

To the Woman in the Salina, KS McDonald's bathroom:You heard me as I reasoned with a 3 year old to use the bathroom….

Posted by Tiffany Miller on Saturday, January 28, 2017


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