Not all that is lost can be found, and not all that is found was lost.

A day after the historical 9/11 bombing, Elizabeth Strenger Keefe found herself at the Ground Zero where she found a wedding picture. The picture includes six people, the bride with her groom, and four more people which seems very happy at the moment of capture.

Keefe found this picture as a symbol of hope and happiness against the traumatic 9/11 event. She tried to find the people in the picture by uploading the picture on social media wherein it can reach a vast amount of viewers. Every 11th of September, Keefe uploads it hoping that someone who knew one of the persons in the picture would see her post.

She only became so lucky after 13 years. Fred Mahe, one of the people in the photo, has said that the picture was on his desk on the 77th floor in the World Trade Center and was glad someone found it and attempted to find them. Fox and Friends, a morning TV program, planned their reunion and broadcasted it on air. This is also the time were Keefe returned the photo to its rightful owner.

Thanks to the ability of the social media, the photo was given a chance to be returned. But the key factor here is that the person who wants to return the photo did not give up. For 13 years she tried to find them, for 13 years every 9/11 she was hoping someone relevant will saw her tweet. Yes, we all have a race against time to do what we want and need to do, but as long as we persevere and set aside the idea of giving up, we will definitely get it.

Man in wedding photo worked at World Trade Center on 9/11