A Lifeless Young Girl Came Back To Life When Jesus Told Her She's Not Going With The Devil

A Lifeless Young Girl Came Back To Life When Jesus Told Her She's Not Going With The Devil

Something tragic happened to Steffani Besch, but that experience became something special. It became a memory she will cherish forever.

She went swimming with her youth organization after church when a prankster shoved her to the pool. Steffani’s head hit the edge of the swimming pool, and she lost consciousness. The young girl spent half an hour without awareness in the bottom of the swimming pool.

Steffani was just 13 when the accident happened. Her family’s living in Dodge City, Kansas, and her dad has just started working in Longmont, Colorado, and they need to relocate in two weeks. The accident occurred on July 29, 1979, and it was a Sunday.

Her church group organized a swimming party so that the friends can say goodbye to one another, and for them to pray together. Eight members from her group drove to Jetmore for the local pool at Dodge City is under maintenance.

It’s a crowded pool because the weather is hot. The pool management has let more people that their facility can accommodate. Because of that, they need to add more chlorine than the required amount for the pool, which made the water look cloudy.

A lot of kids are swimming and having fun. Steffani swam deep with her friend Tami. The lifeguards whistled after some time so everyone will go out of the water for a 10-minute break. Tami and Steffani are standing at the edge of the swimming pool while talking. Their pal Tad sneaked behind them without their notice.

Tad throws up a prank joke to both girls when he pushed them towards the water. Tami luckily cleared the edge of the pool, but the head of Steffani snapped back, so it hit the ground.

Tami started to search for Stafanni when she got out of the water and saw her friend underwater. At first, she just thought that Steffani is just swimming to go to the other side so she waited until she can’t see her friend in the water anymore.

In panic and in distressed, she looked for her friend in her youth group, but she can’t find her. Tami started to feel that something was wrong, so she asked the female lifeguard on duty, but they can’t find Steffani.

Dan, a young man from their youth group, had pulled Steffani out. Everyone was stunned because Steffani seems lifeless. Steffani’s friends gathered around her and prayed for Jesus because that’s the best help they know while figuring out what to practically do.

The lifeguard performed CPR but didn’t help. Tami called Steffani’s parents, and they transport her to a small local hospital. People in the hospital thought she was dead, and there’s nothing they could do. They covered Steffani with a sheet because they feel she’s expired.

However, something miraculous happened to Steffani because she saw her spirit left her body, and she keeps on praying. She heard Satan telling her to go with him, but she also listened to the voice of the Lord saying she’s not going with the devil. As Jesus said that Steffani would be with Him, the young girl woke up.

It’s an inspiring story for everyone who was with Steffani during the accident. Steffani is telling the story to everyone she knows so they will be inspired too, and for them to always ask help from Jesus because he’s our savior.